Rebreather courses

Rebreather courses - WERNER LAU TEK

In our center you can find the only one Gue JJccr instructor present in Egypt and take your course. Available also TDI JJccr course.

JJ ccr sevice center

JJ ccr sevice center - WERNER LAU TEK

After a long trip from Egypt to Praesto in Denmark and a great training, we're very proud to enjoy the official JJ rebreather service center family.

Technical diving

Technical diving - WERNER LAU TEK

Let us show you some of the fantastic technical dive sites here in Sharm. From big wall reef to huge wreck and deep caves, here we have all of it!!! We have full technical DPVs suitable for all dive; if you have not used a DPV previously full training is available.

Personal Training

Personal Training - WERNER LAU TEK

In our Diving Center you can request a personal training service for all levels in order to increase your scuba skills; this services is exclusively provided by Antonio Bresciani. Possibility of "private lessons" outside of any teaching. Advices to approach the world of tecnichal diving.